Littlephant is a little red elephant created by Camilla Lundsten for her children´s stories (age 0-7 years old). Littlephant and his friends are curious, honest, creative and they believe being a good friend is most important of all. 

Friendship, to be including, to dare to be be different (or just dare to be oneself) big and small thoughts and feelings are central in Littlephant´s stories.... while handling everyday challenges and discoveries. The stories takes place in Littlephant’s universe, in Littletown where he, his family and friends live and in Littlephant and his friends imagination. It is a world where animals and humans interact and humanity is a key word. 

In Littlephant’s universe things are quite much as in our human reality but imagination and curiosity strech the bounderies until becoming completely limitless. The stories have a pedagogical and educational purpose. Nature is always present and how we live in tune with it. The Littlephant kids proof that clever is not a matter of age, it is a matter of staying open minded, be explorational, have fun and respect each other.

So far the Littlephant books have been published in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway). During 2020 new adventures and languages are being launched as well as digital presence, to make Littlephant and his friends available for everybody. Stay tuned!

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The Littlephant series of books are so far published in the Scandinavian languages.
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Littlephant is very playful and full of emotions. 

Most of the time he is happy and curious and full of energy, but also easily gets tired and may then turn a bit grumpy.

He is a good friend who you always can trust and he loves to play all the time, with anyone anywhere

He loves reading books, eating popcorn, crusing his bike, playing instruments or to sketch on his pad. In the summer when the sun never sets in Sweden (that´s where Littlephant lives) he is awake all night listening to the grasshoppers tunes. In the winter he´s watching the northern lights play in the sky.


Papaphant and Mamaphant are Littlephants loving parents who adore their children. 

They share responsibility and plan things in the everyday puzzle of life. They thought their son was the liveliest little person on the planet, until his sister Miniphant was born…

Mamaphant and Papaphant love to sleep in the shade any time anywhere when not cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, recycling or reading bedtime stories to their kids. But when having some spare time, they also love sitting in a tree on a branch, feeling light and listening to music, Bozza nova is their favorite.


Miniphant is Littlephants adorable little sister. He thinks she´s got too much energy and can be hard to handle. 

She likes her own toys very much, for example the play house, but she want´s Littlephants things even more, of course.

When she is happy she sing and giggle all the time and when she is grumpy she talks really loud with words no one really understand. How strange that so much noice can come out of that little body and mouth of hers. Mascot is the only one who really seem to understand everything she expresses, they are in tune.


Nina is a rabbit girl and Littlephants best friend. 

They spend almost all time together, playing, inventing great pranks, laughing and crying. Some times because they can´t get along but most of the time for watching lovely movies.

She´s terribly stubborn but caring, fights for animals rights and nature, loves playing dressing-up, jumping at her trampoline or to chill in the green house. You should see the carrots she grow there, very tasty very eco friendly!


She is a caterpillar and Littlephants and Ninas friend. She is always around but never say much. She is cool with just hanging around and to follow their foot steps where ever they go. But some times they have to stop her from doing stupid things, not because she is stupid at all, just a bit naive and very curious.

Mascot can for example explore the interior of a computer as she actually can get in via the gap where you insert the memory card. Isn´t she lovely, who wouldn´t want to do that? She can stick to any surface, even upside down, and can make almost any knot undone... she got some pretty great super powers.


He is a giraffe, very vice, good at listening to his friends, a piece maker and a thinker. He love writing, filming, reading, taking photographs and telling stories. Gio don´t mind spending time by himself, being alone is not equal to being lonely. He thinks everybody should spend more time on the inside than on the outside of them sevles. He enjoy playing with his friends and just as much sitting by himself looking at the moon and the sea.  


Littletown by the sea is a lovely place to be. Littlephant, his family and friends they all live here.

His favourite place is the Lollypop park with the river floating by. In the winter you can skate there. In the summer you can cool down in the clear water, which has travelled thousands of miles from the well in the big mountain and it tastes like nothing else. The best of all is that the water is available for everybody in Littletown, something they cherish every day.

The Littletown people also love their Cherry trees, who spread love in the air every spring!

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