Littlephant Studio is a Swedish brand, creative studio and product maker, founded by me Camilla Lundsten, driven by the passion to help you make your space feel truly at home and your children and their play more creative. 

My Scandinavian heritage is inspiring us in everything we do. From my design and world of patterns to our sustainable way of making things and the way we live our lives. We work with only natural and honest materials, for the love of genuine craftsmanship and high quality products that will last and for creating true comfort.

Our products are designed with a Swedish attitude towards form and function, they are sustainably produced and made of natural materials.


The brand Littlephant and it´s character world was created by me, Designer, Illustrator and Author and was launched in 2012. I wanted to merge my experience and skills from working my entire professional life as a designer of home interior and products with my imaginary kids universe, pedagogical skills and children´s books authorship.

It actually all started with the little red elephant character created for my children´s stories. He gave me the courage to believe in that i could start my own company instead of working for others. To have the courage to believe in my creativity and in my stubbornness when it comes to making honest products. The character was named Littlephant and he and his friends are curious, honest, creative and they believe being a good friend is most important of all (get to know Littlephant and his friends here.) The name of the studio and brand was obvious and the philosophy that even the smallest person can make the biggest difference, so that´s how we still act and work today.

We make selected and carefully chosen pieces that becomes our collection of home interior and children's products.

Our weaves and interior fabrics, wallpaper, bags with multiple purposes, mugs, creative toys and books are all developed and produced by me and my team, decorated with unique patterns or characters from the world of Littlephant.


The Littlephant products are only produced in factories that meet very high demands. All of our products are made with respect for the air that we breathe and the people around us.

Even though we are quite a small Swedish company based in Stockholm, Littlephant is represented in many places around the globe, but we are most established in Europe and Japan. We plan our production carefully and try to make our products as close to where they are sold as possible. Most of our products are made in Sweden (for example our wallpaper is made together with our partner Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik in the west of Sweden) in Northern Europe (where our fabrics are Printed by Master printers) and in China (where our brilliant porcelain maker is located).

We work with natural and certified materials. To give you an example check out our handmade crochet toys and blankets made of Organic Cotton. All our fabrics are ÖKO-Tex certified and made of high quality weaves that are created to last and age with grace. Our Linen fabrics, which is a brilliant material as the plant use very little water when growing, ages beautifully. Our doll play and dolls house are made of FCS-certified birch plywood and linen. Our mugs are made of Porcelain clay, which is burnt with a in-glace technique that makes the mug, colours and prints truly durable and long lasting. 

Of course this is reflected in the price of our products. God products made with high quality and of honest materials cost to make.

Making a responsible product and production is not only about the material itself, where its from and how for example print colour waste is taken care of to be reused. It is also about taking care of all bits and pieces. When we design something we think of how to use everything, like all pieces of fabric or leather. To give you an example our leather bags gave us the small leather accessory collection as well. The smallest pieces of leather was turned into little key rings and wallets. It was the plan from the beginning, other vice we would not have chosen to make the bags in the first place.

We work a lot with the development of our packaging to make the most out of them, using mainly recyclable paper, making sure they take up little space during shipping while keeping the product safe. If a product breaks or become dirty the entire process of making it is a waste. 

We ship our products in a way that takes up little space and is an environmentally friendly choice, always by boat or train for longer distances. We plan packaging and sizes as clever as we can, to not ship air. Our web shop packaging is not waisting any space due to carefully packed products, using mainly bags to reduce shipments from taking up space and boxes only as an exception.

To us, caring for others and the world around us is essential. Therefore some of the profit of special editions and projects goes straight to charity. Our Limited edition and signed Art print serie is made to support children in need (Supporting UNICEF) and our "Bees and Butterflies" Art prints serie was created to support the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and their work with our highly important insects.

Since the start we have given away books products to children's hospitals, schools and preschools, to support their environments in becoming happy places with creative and developing toys and decoration. Over all we do charity as much as we can, because we believe in to give little is better than nothing, even when the budget is strained one can always try to do something.

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